Here you will find a list of the questions I am asked on an almost daily basis.


1. How much does a session cost?
Basic sessions (family, children, newborn, pets, etc...) are a flat $100.00 fee. No deposit is required. Seniors, Engagements, Boudoir, and Wedding packages differ. You can find more information listed under "Session Pricing" in the pricing drop down menu. Or you can request more information by emailing me at info.meishablair@gmail.com

2. What is included in a session?
That's a loaded question :) and I could end up with a 3 paragraph answer. I have all of the information listed under "Session Pricing" in the pricing drop down menu. Or you can request more information by emailing me at info.meishablair@gmail.com

3. Do you offer any specials or discounts?
Any special offers or discounts will be posted on the Melisha Blair Photography fan page. I usually run some kind of special or discount once every season. I'm also a big fan of contests and post those on my blog whenever I have something neat to give away. You just have to keep your eyes open.

4. Why do you prefer to schedule sunset and sunrise for sessions?
I prefer sunset or sunrise sessions because of the amazing defused light produced during these times of the day. The light gets super harsh after 9am, and it can stay that way until about 2 hours before sunset! I shoot at these harsh lighting times, it does not effect quality but it does effect the locations I can use because I need to be able to find somewhere with constant shade.

5. Do you have a location set up to specifically photograph boudoir?
I prefer to shoot boudoir in a modern hotel suite, but I do understand that clients don't always have the ability to pay for a room when they will just be using it for 2 hours. That is why I also offer to do boudoir in the comfort of the clients home as long as there is some form of natural light available in the room.

6. How long after I give birth should we wait to set up a date for pictures?
I've done newborns as young as 3 days old :) If you want those adorable sleeping baby images where they're posed, you need to schedule your session date before your baby turns 3 weeks old. The joints start to stiffen at about 6 weeks of age, and at that point and it’s harder to pose them, they are also much more awake and alert.

7. Do you have a location set up to specifically photograph newborns?
I only do newborn sessions in the comfort of the clients home. I find this makes not only the baby more at ease but also the parents. Add in some static noise and turn the heat up and your baby will be sleeping like a... well, baby! :)

8. Do you require deposits to hold a date for a session?
I only require deposits to hold a date for Weddings. For everything else the total is due the day of the session.

9. Why do we only get 30-40 of the pictures you take from the session? Can't we have them all?
I too wish I could keep every amazing image from the sessions I do, but time management is key. Editing post-session is a very important part of what I do. Each image that I choose to edit for each session can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes to edit. That may not sound like much until you account for resizing, importing, and exporting times; just one session can easily end up taking me 6 to 8 hours to process. More images means more time that I currently use to shoot sessions or spend time with my amazing family.

10. How do I email my wedding contract back to you?
You can always print off the contract, sign it, then scan the pages. You can then save the scanned images as a .jpeg and email them back to me. Make sure they are full sized! The easier way to do this is to just mail the contract back to me. If you are a current wedding client, my mailing address will be in your email.

11. What should I wear for our session?
I get this a lot, and the only real tips I have to give are to stay away from patterned clothes that are very busy looking, and to try and stay true to who you are. Reflect your personalities through your outfit choices. Also try to match at least a little or else the family may look like a rainbow. I will try to post examples in an album on the Melisha Blair Photography fan page soon!


1. What is the weird file I can't open in the .ZIP file you sent with my images?
For some reason, there may be a small file that you cannot open when you unzip the folder with your images. This is something that seems to happen on PC’s as I use a MAC and never have this issue. The file is just an archival anomaly and can be discarded or deleted.

2. Can I post the emailed images on my Facebook, other pages online, or email them to family?
Yes! As long as they have the Melisha Blair Photography watermark you can post them on any of your social networking pages or email them to friends-family to see. I just ask that you do not crop or alter the images in any way once you post them.

3. Can I enter emailed images in contests?
Depends. You must get written permission from Melisha Blair Photography to enter any images taken by Melisha Blair Photography in a contest in which the client(s) will be compensated for winning. If a client is found entering images in contests where they will receive gifts or monetary awards, without the photographers consent, Melisha Blair Photography has the right to take legal action to be compensated.

4. Do the free prints included in the session price all have to be of the same pose/photograph?
No! :) They can be of which ever images you would like. You can also choose to have them printed on professional Lustre or Metallic papers.

5. How do we go about ordering, or letting you know what images we would like for our free prints?
When you receive your digital negatives in your email, the images will all be numbered. You just have to give me the image number and the size of print or product you would like me to order of it. Simple! I’m in the process of setting up online ordering as well, however free prints will still have to be emailed to me personally.

6. What if someone other than me, such as family, wants to order something from our session?
Family members of the client(s) are more than welcome to order images from the clients session but they must have the clients permission first. The client must message or email me to let me know which family member is going to be placing an order and that it is okay that they do so. It can be a pain, but I do this to protect my clients privacy.

7. Do prints come with your watermark like the images emailed?
No, prints will never come with my watermark. Neither will any images delivered on a paid CD with print release. Only the digital negatives emailed have the watermark and that is only because they are displayed on public domains such as social networking sites. The watermark keeps wanna-be photographers from stealing my images and trying to pass them off as their own (it happens more than you would think).

8. Do you have a minimum order requirement?
Yes. Orders must be a minimum of $100.00. I offer specials and discounts starting at orders placed for $200.00 or more.

9.Why do your prints cost so much?
There are a two key points/reasons that my prints and products are a little more expensive than your average drug store prints:

  • I only use the highest quality papers on the market. I cringe at the thought of one of my images being printed on common glossy paper and I pride myself on my professional prints. As much as I would love to be grossing $405.6 billion per year, I do not. Heck, I’d love to gross $405.6 thousand per year! But alas, I am just a small business. I do not have the sales necessary to offer $5.00 portrait sheets. I also do not utilize cheep ink or poor quality glossies to keep costs down. I charge what I need to to not only keep my business afloat, but also to put food on my table. Please understand that most small business photographers are not priced to be making $100k per year, we are priced to afford food, gas, preschool for our kids, vet appointments for our pets, and doctor appointments for our families and ourselves.
  • From the two hour session through post-processing/editing, it usually takes an average of 10 to 15 hours to finish a normal session album.  This is my profession and I would be lying though my teeth if I said I didn’t fully enjoy 100% of what I do, but this is also my only means at helping to provide for my family. If I had decided to charge for my prints based on my hourly rate of $50.00 times 10 to 15 hours plus cost of goods, I would have to require clients to spend an average of $700.00 to $800.00 per session album. My goal is just to do a little better than breaking even after the session, the time editing, and the free prints included.

10. Why does your CD's cost so much?
In this digitally driven age, I know how important it is to most of my clients to be able to have a digital CD they can keep and use for years and years to come. I still have a large spot in my heart for prints with images you can hold and touch but even I choose to archive my personal images on CD when I have the chance. That is why I offer the CD choice. Pricing on CD’s was figured through the loss of print sales I incur by offering them. I consider my CD prices very reasonable. All images on CD come watermark free, and at full resolution (printable up to 24x36) with a print release. Many other photographers charge anywhere from $400 to $1000 for a CD with print release, if they offer one at all.

11. What is the difference between a print release and a copyright release?
A copyright deligates who owns the creation of the images, a print release is what is given to a client to allow them to print their images as many times as they would like. Melisha Blair Photography offers a full print release with purchased CD’s. Melisha Blair Photography still holds the copyrights to the images, as in they are the creation and artistic property of Melisha Blair Photography. That does not mean that you do not own the images you pay for, and any prints/CD’s you purchase will not contain any watermarks or copyright logos.

12. After I receive my purchased CD, where do you recommend I print our images?
I recommend an online pro-lab unless you have a great one in your area. www.Mpix.com is great, and I recommend it often. Their paper qualities are that of my own professional lab but they allow anyone to order, instead of exclusively allowing photographers to open accounts.

13. If I want to print a black and white image on www.Mpix.com, should I use their true black and white paper option or Lustre or Metallic?
Always go with Lustre or Metallic. Most of my black and white images have a slight artistic blue or gold hue to them and if you use true black and white paper this toning will be lost. Both Lustre (matte) and metallic are great quality papers and will render hues perfectly.

14. How long does it take to get my print order?
I usually receive prints within 5 days of when the order was placed. I then contact the client to set up a time for pick up or arrange shipping.


1. Can I purchase these frames directly through The Organic Bloom company?
No, sorry :( Only registered photographers can order through The Organic Bloom. Each frame is handmade to the clients expectations. The general public is asked to contact The Organic Bloom for a list of photographers in their area who are registered to sell.

2. Can you give me prices on your frames?
Absolutely! Contact me personally at info.melishablair@gmail.com for download my .PDF brochure that includes all pricing, detailed images, all colors and frame styles. You can also see more examples and pricing under the “custom framing” and “product pricing” links in the pricing drop down menu.

3. Why do the frames cost so much?
Every frame from The Organic Bloom is handmade to order specifications. The wood is cut to size, edges are made, they are painted and hand sanded for the distressed look. The Organic Bloom frames are more of a statement piece to ADD to your displayed portraits, rather than just something to hang them up. If you were to find similar frames on the market, they would easily be priced at twice the amount we charge.

4. Do I need to be a client of yours if I just want to order an Organic Bloom frame?
You do not have to book a session to order The Organic Bloom frames from me. I do however ask to meet with anyone interested in purchasing a frame in person during a in-home consultation to go over colors and sizing. There is never any pressure to buy once we meet, I can’t stand high-pressure sales! The thought of even entering stores with pressure salesmen gives me anxiety. The personal consultation is to show you the products in person, so you know exactly what to expect. I bring frame samples and every color swatch available for you to look at and play with.

5. When I order a frame, how do I know the colors are going to turn out the same as pictured?
That is what the personal in-home consultation is for. I have color swatches of every color offered by The Organic Bloom. You will know exactly what you’re getting before the order is placed.

6. How long does the in-home consultations normally last?
On average, in-home consultations take about 30 minutes.

7. How do I order frames if I am not located close enough to you to have an in-home consultation?
If there is absolutely no way for me to do an in-home consultation with you, I advise you to contact The Organic Bloom at info@theorganicbloom.com for a list of photographers in your area that supply the frames as well. I cannot guarantee that the other photographers prices or policies on the frames are the same as my own.

8. Do you offer custom sizes for the frames?
Yes! If the size you are seeking is not shown, just ask me at info.melishablair@gmail.com. All of The Organic Bloom frames are priced by the opening’s square inches (the size of the photo it will display). I will contact The Organic Bloom for a custom quote and promptly let you know.

9. Do you offer custom colors for the frames?
Yes! If you cannot find a color that you would like to use out of the 54 colors available, you are more than welcome to choose a custom Benjamin Moore color free of charge.

10. Do the frames come with glass to guard my prints from the elements?
Not at the moment. The Organic Bloom does not offer glass for shipping reasons. However, Melisha Blair Photography does offer a non-glare acrylic (1/8” plexi-glass) for all of The Organic Bloom frame sizes shown for an additional charge. Acrylic is priced by size and is shown here on the website under “product pricing” in the drop down menu.

11. What kind of prints work best with the frames?
Most of my clients choose to mount their prints on styrene or foam core for a small additional charge for extra stability. It is absolutely not necessary, but if you do not plan to mount your prints or have a protective coating applied, The Organic Bloom and Melisha Blair Photography suggest you order the non-glare acrylic to go with your frames. We both DO however recommend mounting prints larger than 11x14. Frames can hold up to 1/4” mounting.

12. Is there an option for a easel back frame, where I could display it on a table? Or are they all made for hanging on walls?
 We do not offer easel back frames. The Organic Bloom does however offer three sizes of a simple, stand-alone metal-ware easel to display your frame if you do not want to hang it up on the walls. Easels are at an additional cost.

13. What is "glaze" and what does the addition of glaze do?
 Glaze is a top coat available in black, brown, silver, and gold. Glaze is added to the overall color choice for a new custom look. All of The Organic Bloom frames come standard with distressing. The distressing leaves exposed wood around the edges. The application of a glaze will change the overall color of the frame slightly, and makes the exposed wood the color of the glaze applied. Glaze is at an additional cost per frame and pricing can be found in my .PDF brochure.

14. On average, how much is shipping for the frames?
 Frames ordered through Melisha Blair Photography will be charged a flat $12.00 shipping fee.

15. When should I expect the frames to arrive after ordering?
 Every frame made at The Organic Bloom is a custom order. Creating something by hand takes time, especially to deliver a quality product. The Organic Bloom’s turn around time is generally about fifteen business days from payment to shipment. If The Organic Bloom is under an unusually high level of sales, I will contact you to let you know how much longer it may take. Once your order has left The Organic Bloom, Melisha Blair Photography will receive the order by FedEx in one to five business days.

16. Is there a way to track my order if it is being shipped to me?
 Yes! If for any reason Melisha Blair Photography has to ship your frames to you, I  will supply you with a FedEx tracking number once the order has left my hands.

17. What should I expect when I receive my frames?
 All of the Organic Bloom frames come fully assembled - no framing supplies or framing stores needed! They come with a backing piece, secured by flexible tabs. The flexible tabs can easily be lifted to remove the backing and slide your prints into place. Once you’ve done that, just bend the tabs back down and you’ll be good to go! We also attach hanging hardware. For sizes 11x14 and smaller, we use alligator hooks. Frames larger than 11x14 get a wire hanging.

18. The frames are made by a company called "The Organic Bloom". Does that mean they're made by a green company?
 The Organic Bloom tries to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Just one more reason why I love them and chose to sell their frames instead of any others out on the market for photographers. The Organic Bloom frames are made with wood harvested from sustainable forests only, much of their packaging material is recycled, and they recycle all of their paint cans at the local steel recycling center. Small steps to ensure a smaller fingerprint on the environment.

19. Is there anything else I should know about The Organic Bloom company?
Both The Organic Bloom and Melisha Blair Photography's highest priority is customer satisfaction! Melisha Blair Photography regularly communicates with The Organic Bloom. If for any reason, you are unsatisfied - both Melisha Blair Photography and The Organic Bloom want to know it. If you are happy, we want to know that too! If you have any questions, concerns, statements, proclamations, or testimonials, please let us know! I will send all information to my representative at The Organic Bloom. Both The Organic Bloom and I here at Melisha Blair Photography will do everything we can to make sure you are 100% happy with your new frames. Melisha Blair Photography also has a lowest cost guarantee. If you can find anyone in the Geary County area who offers these frames for less, Melisha Blair Photography will not only match that price but pay shipping for you!


2013_08_24 16_08_35 flight 2 pool 400-Fluid Lensing JPEG Preprocess-028299

1. When did you start your photography business?
In 2008, I had my epiphany :) I was actually playing "model" that day. I've met many amazing photographers but this one was special. He was so enthusiastic about his work and allowed me to ask questions about everything. I soaked it up like a sponge and by the end of the day I realized that photography was the "it" I was missing in my life. I was getting too old to model (most signed models these days are about 15 even though they look 30 after hair and makeup!), but I loved this business too much, and I couldn't image being involved in anything else. I've been studying photography ever sense. In 2009 I purchased my first professional DSLR camera and never looked back. I still consider myself a "professional student". I will never finish studying my craft but I am also very proud of the work I create today and acknowledge that I am good at what I do.

2. Do you accept checks?
For basic sessions I will accept a check if the client can not pay with cash or my credit card ready is out of the service area in the location chosen. For payments or deposits on Weddings, no I do not accept checks. For deposits and orders I accept Paypal only.

3. Why Paypal?
I have been using Paypal to buy and sell for many years. I trust the company and respect their protection policies. Not only is it fast and safe for me, but for my clients as well. The faster the money clears the sooner I can put the orders in or reserve a date for a wedding. Paypal is also safer than cash or checks. If for any reason you would not receive your order (which has never and will never happen with my business), it would also protect my clients by refunding payment to them. Paypal is just easy all around.

4. Do you accept credit cards?
Yes! I do have a secure payment card reader I bring with me on location to sessions. It's pretty nifty!

10. Do you travel? How far will you travel before you charge extra for mileage?
I travel within the Junction City, Milford, Ogden, Fort Riley, and Manhattan areas. Anything farther than 30 miles is charged an additional fee unless I am already traveling to the area for personal reasons.

11. How often do you come back to Central Iowa?
My husband travels quite a bit. In situations where I can not travel with him or when he is deployed I always make a trip home to Central Iowa. On average, I make it back once every season. If you are interested in a session the next time I am back in Iowa, just let me know and I can put your name on my waiting list.